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Victorian Style Toilet Inspiration

One of my favourite parts of a project is the planning – choosing a style, colours and sourcing materials.  Pinterest is a godsend for DIY projects, especially to see before and after pictures.

When we came to renovating the toilet I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted the room to look like but hey, it doesn’t hurt to have a good look through other people’s projects just to be sure, right 😉

It’s pretty clear looking at my inspiration images that there’s a running theme – different material on the bottom half of the wall, in the blue/grey/green spectrum, traditional style fixtures and fittings and all of the rooms are fairly bright and airy.

White and blue traditional bathroom

Sage green and white wood panelled traditional bathroom

Victorian Style Toilet Inspiration - Grey panelled traditional bathroom

Half panel grey and white traditional cloakroom toilet

Pale green and white half tiled bathroom roll top bath

Image sources 1 / 2 / 3

When we moved in the cloakroom was fitted out with an avocado toilet and basin, yellow walls (originally papered, they revealed their true ‘beauty’ after being picked at) and water marks where we had a leak from the roof. Delightful.

We’ve gone for a modern-traditional look in the bathroom, but after scrolling through sites like Pinterest and Houzz, I fancied having a more traditional look in the toilet – and having a more bold colour on the walls.  I figured because it’s a smaller space if I don’t like it its not too much work to change!

I loved the tongue and groove panelling in some of the bathrooms above, with a stronger colour on top.  Images 1 and 4 are the ones I liked the most from my inspiration searching.

Tongue and groove MDF panels are quite expensive and, I’ve found, difficult to get hold of. The cheapest I found are the EASIpanel from Homebase, but the total amount needed comes out at over £100 – a lot considering that its not a huge room and we’d still have to fit skirting and a top rail.

However, I really had my heart set on tongue and groove as I think it would give exactly the look I’m after.

After a little more hunting, I found that Wall Doctor produce a beadboard effect wallpaper, available from B&Q and which, at under £10 a roll, is a lot more pocket friendly.

Click here to see what this room looks like now.

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