30 Day Declutter Challenge
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Taking the Challenge: Organise My House’s 30 Day Declutter

I like to think that, generally, I am a fairly tidy and organised person. However, no matter how much I tidy and sort, there always seems to be that inevitable clutter that gathers in certain spots around the house (I’m looking at you, dining room table).

For the most part, everything has a home and I tend to live by the one in-one out rule. So why the clutter that seems to collect when I’m not looking – those few bits that never seem to find a home or items I have sorted and know, really, that I don’t want to keep but can’t get rid of (also, I live with someone who breaks out in hives at the thought of throwing things out. I will be honest, I have given up on him ever being neat and organised).

While casually browsing Pinterest the other day – this, and Instagram, has a lot to do with the anxiety of ‘stuff’ and the unrealistic images that we see of other people’s perfect, clutter-free homes – and an image from Organise My House popped up for a 30 Day Clutter Blitz.

30 Day Declutter Challenge

Like a lot of people, I have taken the opportunity to have a good clear out during lockdown but I still feel there are areas and items that I am stuck on. The idea with the 30 Day Declutter Challenge is that you receive an email each day from Chrissy with what to declutter and you give yourself 15 minutes to get rid of 5 items from that day’s category. The idea is that you’re not overwhelmed trying to tackle large categories or areas at once (I’m looking at you, Marie Kondo) and that by having an item and time limit you are able to quickly achieve your objective. Kind of like a supermarket sweep of items you want to get rid of!

I signed up to Chrissy’s challenge yesterday and received the first day’s category email right away.
Day one is kitchen gadgets, which I thought would be hard. I am strict on what we have in the kitchen; we both love cooking and tend to only have items that we use frequently. I had also gone through the cupboards and drawers a couple of months ago to do a spring clean so was dubious I would find anything.
Three things made it onto the list, though to be honest this was a bit of cheat. Our glass blender has been sat under the stairs since Christmas (!). We have two Ninjas, the Blender and Soup Maker, as well as a Kenwood Mini Chopper so this was definitely not needed. It’s been pending going as I wasn’t sure whether to take it into work, but the fact that it’s handwash only put me off. I decided to get rid of our panini/toastie as I was fed up with the fact it took longer to clean that it was used for and, finally, we had an inherited vintage Moulinex food processor hidden away under the window seat that we didn’t need, but I could never be bothered to actually get rid of. Out of sight, out of mind, right?.

All of these things were on my ‘get rid of’ list, but this was the push that I needed to actually do it.
The panini press and blender have gone up on our local Freecycle and the Moulinex has gone up on eBay, so rather than those items taking up space they have found new homes (and hopefully the food processor will make me a little bit of cash).

I like the idea with this way of decluttering that you are only tackling a small area at a time. Having a time limit means you’re more likely to make a snap decision and, like with the KonMari method, this gives you the chance to keep things that instantly ‘spark joy’. We all know, really, whether we want to keep something straight away. Taking any longer is really just procrastination.

I will be posting here the day’s category and what I managed to declutter that day. It will be interesting to see whether I can reach 5 things… or whether I will declutter more than that.
If you want to join the challenge sign up here or, to see all of the categories (I’m choosing to wait for the daily emails) click here.
I am also joining in with the #30daychallenge on Instagram.

Do you think this sounds like a good way to declutter? Will you be taking part, or have you found another way to declutter effectively? Let me know in the comments!

30 Day Declutter Challenge

DayCategoryNumber of items decluttered
1Kitchen Gadgets3
4Pens & Stationery
5Bathroom Toiletries2


30 Day Declutter Challenge

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