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Quick, Easy & Cheap DIY Plant Hanger Rail

Last summer Adam’s parents put their house on the market and for a good few months his mum was having clear outs nearly every week. One Sunday we went over just after they’d cleared the garage out and she asked if we wanted to have a look.

They were throwing out a lot of useful garage items, as well as all of her plant pots.

One of the pots I rescued was a vintage, 1970s handmade pottery hanging planter with a macrame hanger and matching beads.

With lockdown in full swing I decided that it is a good time to finish all of those tasks that I never seem to have time to get round to. The problem is it’s nearly impossible to get hold of anything, so this DIY was going to have to be done with items I already had.

I decided to hang the plant pot in our toilet. As it has a false ceiling and the plant pot is quite heavy, so I needed to be sure that it wasn’t going to bring the ceiling down. I considered using a toggle hook (like this one, which I’ve used on a plasterboard ceiling), but didn’t think it would work on the pine panels. Instead, I decided to use some stainless steel cup hooks, which were just the right size for holding 15mm copper pipe. I may spray paint them in the future, but for now they work just fine.

To make your own quick, easy DIY plant hanger rail you will need:

  • Length of pipe – I used an old piece of copper pipe
  • Screw in ceiling hooks, toggle hooks or pipe brackets
  • Drill
  • Junior hacksaw
  1. Decide where you want to hang your rail and measure for the pipe length. In my case this was determined by where the ceiling beams were.
  2. Cut your pipe to length.
  3. Drill pilot holes for the fixings.
  4. Install the hooks or brackets and hang your pipe. If you’re using a hanger similar to mine don’t forget to hang that on the pipe first
  5. Carefully let go incase it all falls down
  6. Stand back and admire your work

Because of the beam spacing I installed the rail on an angle to keep it in the corner. However, the upside of this is I have extra room to hang some extra, smaller planters.

Easy DIY Plant Copper Hanging Rail

The plant was already living in this room, but in a pot on the window sill. I potted it up in the plant pot using some homemade potting mix. It’s only been up for a few weeks, but has already put out lots of new growth.

Now I just need to find some additional plants and hangers to add to the rail.


Quick Easy DIY Plant Hanger Rail Copper Pipe

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