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How to Make a Summer Floral Door Wreath

There’s been a growing trend for door wreaths in the last few years. No longer a decoration that is consigned just for the Christmas period, a pretty wreath is a great way to add colour, interest and curb appeal to your front door.

There are plenty of places to buy a ready made wreath, from inexpensive ones on eBay to ones that cost crazy money for a decoration. A DIY door wreath gives you the creative freedom to create your own design, and usually for less than you would pay for a ready made one.

I made my first ‘non-Christmas’ wreath a couple of years ago for Autumn.
This year, inspired by a wreath I saw on a neighbour’s door, I made a spring wreath, half wreath in pink tones with eucalytus sprigs.

I liked the idea of having a new wreath for the summer and decided on a wild meadow inspired look. I used the images below as a basis to decide which faux flowers to buy.

As we’re in lockdown I bought the flowers off of eBay. I deliberately chose a seller who said they were based in the UK – so you imagine how surprised and annoyed I was to receive a card from Royal Mail telling me I had a custom’s charge to pay! To be fair to the seller, they did refund the charge quickly and without fuss (over £11 in total, including Royal Mail’s £8 ‘handling fee’).
I will include links of all of the flowers I bought, but just be aware that this happened if you do decide to buy from this seller.

How to make a floral door wreath – step by step

You will need

  • A wreath base
  • Artificial flowers
  • Scissors
  • Wire cutters
  • Hot glue gun (optional, I didn’t use mine in the end)

Step 1. Trim your flower stems

Use wire cutters to seperate the bunches and trim your flower stems down. Scissors worked on the thinner stems, but weren’t strong enough on the thicker ones. You could also use secateurs.

Step 2. Add your ‘main’ flowers

Start by adding your main, or biggest, flowers to your wreath. If you are using a glue gun to secure then attach them with a small amount of glue. As the stems on all of the pieces I used were long I just threaded them through the base.

I spaced the roses equally around the wreath, and then added the spigs of pink and white flowers in amongst them. These flower stems had leaves and sprigs of greenery, which I kept attached to add interest.

Step 3. Add your ‘filler’ flowers

Add in your ‘filler’ pieces. I used French lavender style flowers to give an airy feel, tucking them in and around the larger blooms. As with the other flowers, I worked my way around the wreath, placing them on alternate sides to ensure a good balance.

Add in the rest of your flowers, making sure the fill all gaps and create a balanced look. I chose to keep the bunches of blue and yellow flowers in small clusters to add splashes of colour. The frothy, longer flower spikes give some width and added texture.

DIY Floral Bright Summer Wildflower Wreath

Individually the flowers don’t look particularly realistic. However, when the were all added to the wreath they looked very convincing. At one point while I was making the wreath a hoverfly came to check them out!

The final thing to do is to add a piece of wire or ribbon to the back of the wreath, hang it on your door and stand back to admire it ☺

Colourful Summer Door Wreath DIY


Easy DIY Summer Door Wreath Pin

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