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DIY Outdoor Stencil Coffee Table

A few years ago, having finished our pallet wood decking, we treated ourselves to some outdoor furniture.  We picked the Jakarta modular corner sofa from Asda (read my review here).  It came with a footstool, which we have been using as a table, but without the cushion it’s too low, and with the cushion not very stable.

Last year we replaced our patio table and the one we inherited from my parents many moons ago was until last week destined be thrown out until I realised it could be repurposed into a little coffee table.

I was just going to use the wood to make a smaller table and repaint it, but realised this would be a perfect opportunity to use the Dizzy Duck stencils that have been sat in the cupboard the last few years.

The table was in a terrible state.  The paint was all chipped and flaking, the feet and tops of the legs were rotten and it was just generally manky.  I didn’t take a picture of it before, but this is what I salvaged after taking it all apart.

Old Patio Table Before

DIY Outdoor Stencil Coffee Table

You will need:
Sandpaper or sanding tool (I used a Black & Decker Mouse)
Base coat or wood sealer
Masking tape
Paint brush
Stencil paint
Bucket of warm, soapy water for washing the stencils

I decided to make the table 6 slats wide and 2″ long. Adam cut the pieces for me using the miter saw and I sanded them (I left some of the old paint on as I liked the weathered, beachy effect) and gave everything two coats of Screwfix Decking Sealer. I then reassembled the table top and it was time to get stencilling!

I used the Dizzy Duck Jaipur Indian Inlay Stencil. It comes in seven individual stencils, so there’s lots of options on how to lay out your design.

For the paint I used Wilko’s Garden Colour in City Slate. We bought a big tin to paint the fence, but a tester pot would be perfect for a project this size.

This was my first time stencilling and after watching a couple of videos and reading some blog posts (this one by Handmade Haven is great), I decided to jump straight in. I fixed the stencil in place using masking tape and used a cheap 1/2″ paint brush to dab the paint on. Less is more, and you don’t want to brush the paint on as it will bleed under the stencil. I also found it best to take the stencil off while the paint was wet, otherwise it pulled some of the paint with it.

Dizzy Duck Jaipur Indian Stencil. Coffee Table

I started with the border, then the middle section and then infilled the ends with the flower border stencil.

After I did each section I washed the stencil off with some warm soapy water. This made it more time consuming, but I made the mistake of using one stencil without washing it. Some paint had transferred onto the back from the previous use and then ended on the table. Luckily I was able to wipe it up, but I learned my lesson!
It took a couple of hours to do the whole table, with waiting for each section to dry before I taped the adjoining stencil on.

Stencilling Dizzy Duck Jaipur Indian Stencil

Even though I’d used garden paint I wanted to make sure it was sealed, so once I finished I gave it two coats of Montana Spray Varnish in a semi-gloss finish.

DIY Outdoor Stencil Coffee Table. Montana Spray Varnish.

This is the finished table. I’m pretty pleased with how the design came out. There was a few tiny spots that I went over and touched up with a detailing paint brush, but overall the stencilling worked really well.

DIY Outdoor Stencil Coffee Table
Flower Stencil Coffee Table Detail
Stencilled Coffee Table Detail
Stencilled Coffee Table Closeup
DIY Outdoor Stencil Coffee Table

I made the table a little higher than the sofa, so that we could reach it when lying down, or use it for playing a game.
For now though, it’s perfect for enjoying a glass of our homemade rosé.

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