Asda Jakarta Multiway Corner Sofa Review

Asda Jakarta Multiway Corner Sofa Review

With our pallet decking finished (and looking pretty snazzy if I do say so), we wanted to get some nice garden furniture.
All of the furniture we’ve had has been hand me downs from my parents (mostly patio chairs – at time of writing we have 8 in various styles!). As the deck itself cost us almost nothing we wanted to get a nice set. We’d rather spend the money on something that we can take with us when we move and that will hopefully last a long time.

I started looking last year, perhaps rather ambitiously given that we’ve only recently finished the deck. We wanted a nice comfy sofa type set, somewhere we could sit and have drinks, read our books or just sit and relax and enjoy the garden.
There is an overwhelming choice of garden sofas out there, ranging from a couple of hundred pounds up to a few thousand.

In the winter we decided that the best place to store it would be in the sunroom, meaning we would be able to still use it over the colder months. Therefore buying something that was easy to get up there was a must so I started looking at modular pieces.

Because there was so many different options we set out a list of requirements to try and help us whittle it down;

  • Modular, for easy winter storage and to give us options on how to arrange it on the decking
  • Big enough to comfortably sit 4 – 5 people
  • Rattan style
  • Deep, comfortable, waterproof cushions
  • Lightweight

After looking at what felt like every website that sold garden furniture (and sitting on what felt like every one we saw in a shop) I found the Jakarta Multiway Corner Sofa on the George (Asda) website.
It seemed to be perfect, but I balked at the price (£500!) and Adam was unsure as it wasn’t available in store to try it out.
I found that Jen at Love Chic Living had written a review on the Jakarta Conversation set a few years ago and sent her a message to ask her how it was holding up. She was kind enough to reply really quickly and her feedback was very favourable.

In comparison to some of the other furniture sets we’d looked at we decided the price was good for what you were getting and so took the plunge and placed our order.

Asda Jakarta Multiway Corner Sofa Review

Asda Jakarta Multiway Corner Sofa Review

We’ve had the sofa for just a few weeks and have been really pleased with it. Here are my thoughts on delivery, assembly, quality and value.


It was delivered within a week (on a selected delivery day) and arrived in the biggest box I’ve ever seen.  Unfortunately one of the pieces was damaged, but Asda were quick to help sort this out.


I found this fairly easy to put together. I’ve seen a lot of negative reviews about self assembly garden furniture and the predrilled screw holes. The trick is to put all of the screws in loosely and then tighten them up after.
If you tighten them as you go it moves the other holes out of alignment and will just make the whole thing a complete nightmare. I did it gradually over a couple of days and it probably took about 2.5 hours in total.

Quality and Looks

We are really pleased with the quality of the set and how it looks. It’s a lovely statement piece and the dark rattan and cushions look great against the blonde decking. The cushions are super comfy – you sink into them as you sit down. We’ve been bringing them in when it rains, but if you do get wet they dry really fast.
As they are dark they do get hot during the day in full sun, but this means they retain the heat which is lovely in the evening.


For the quality and what you get we’re pleased with what we paid. Yes, it’s a lot of money but we hope this furniture will last us many years to come.


Overall we are really happy.  The only negative points are the damaged section and having to have it replaced. Asda don’t sell a cover which is a shame. It would be have good to have 2 additional small back cushions for the ends as it’s not that comfortable without, but this would be easily solved with some throw pillows.

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